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The Underground Railroad Odyssey Training is the culmination of a several year venture to create an experience for Black people to help us leave the dark places that reside in our psyche.


Join us for the next Odyssey Adventures

The Underground Railroad Training Odyssey. This training takes you to the next level of inner personal growth. One weekend in duration and your new life journey begins. Learn what keeps you from being whole. Redefine your mission in life and much more.

“You are the only group in the country doing this work.- Dick Gregory, Civil Rights Activist
“These men have heard the call to the inward journey.”
– Dr. Na'im Akbar, Psychologist and Author
“Powerful and blessed work”
– Henry Thurman, Teacher and New Warrior Leader


Organization Profile

This work is about rebuilding ourselves, our communities and our world. When the slave ships left the shores of Western African, men, women and children, our ancestors, were on board. There is an abundance of evidence that strongly suggests that the trauma, hurt, pain, and degradation to which our ancestors were subjected, was transferred from generation to generation all the way into the present. Mutated toxicity has evolved into forms of addictions, violence and disrespect infecting our families and communities.
The Underground Railroad Training Odyssey takes you back to that time and space of our ancestors, brings you forward to the present, and moves you into a new & future. The journey is designed to open a person’s soul to the genuine possibility of true freedom and power and response-ability that come with it.
Know this: Your Family needs you, your community needs you, most importantly, you need you. We need You! Make a difference today.